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Naperville Lawn Care And Naperville Landscaping — What’s The Difference?

There are several important differences between a Naperville landscaping company and a Naperville lawn maintenance service. First, let’s define the two words that make up their titles.

A landscape is defined as natural scenery. A lawn is defined as an even layered glade, or an open space where grass is mowed. We can stop here by saying a landscaper creates scenery and a lawn care professional tends to grass but it is not that simple. These two definitions are considerably different and may not seem to warrant any further discussion, however the differences are a lot more profound than just a definition plucked from the dictionary.

Naperville Lawn Care

Lawn maintenance and Illinois lawn care is just that. Depending on the lawn, typically a team of workers will go onto a property that is growing grass and maintain it. They do this by mowing, fertilizing, and patching bald spots. There are many types of grass that they consider when performing routine maintenance. For instance there is that fluffy golf course grass called turf, there is Kentucky bluegrass, St. Augustine grass, and the list goes on.

Each one of these varieties requires different types of care. For instance, there are varieties of turf that require little to no mowing, however aeration needs to be done to prevent it from compacting and dying on itself. Naperville lawn care and lawn maintenance companies, such as Schmitt’s Landscaping Company of Wheaton, Illinois, has all of the tools necessary to properly care for your grass. Their job is to make sure grass is aesthetically pleasing.

Naperville Landscaping

Landscapers, on the other hand, are more like scientific artists. A Naperville landscaping like Schmitt’s has a large team of employees or contractors that design and install scenery, plants, walkways, flag stones, pavers, driveways, pergolas and more. They have to have extensive knowledge about seasonal plants, shrubs & trees, soils, and much, much more. Often, landscapers are licensed and educated in the field and art of horticulture.

Landscapers are also versed in the local environment and wildlife of the Chicago suburbs, as it is an essential part of their jobs. Also, it is not unusual for landscaping companies to deal with other contractors such as construction workers, brick layers, and irrigation technicians. A landscaping firm may have a lawn or landscape care department, however typically once they have reached a final result, their job is done.

Landscapers specialize in plants, lawns, water systems such as ponds and irrigation, walkways and lighting, and anything else that creates a desired effect. In other words, they are not just restricted to flora and fauna, they deal with many elements. There are many different sub niches and areas of specialization for Naperville landscapers.

To conclude, there are quite a few differences between Naperville landscapers and a Naperville lawn care provider. Both professions are considered to be labor intensive, provide a service, and both professions are an essential part of your home’s outdoor living space. One maintains it, and the other turns it into an ecological work of art.