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A Review of Lawn Care Services Pricing

Price isn’t everything when it comes to maintaining your lawn. There are quite a few factors that are used to price lawn care maintenance services and we’ll review a handful of tips for you to use when talking to landscaping and lawn care maintenance companies.

The following are a few things you should consider when evaluating lawn care pricing.

1. Compare total price and also per-application price. It is not uncommon for lawn care service providers to give you an application quote and a total price for several applications. Often, lawn care providers will offer a discount for several applications; which can be a great deal for you, the homeowner.

2. Know your lawn. Lawn care pricing is in part based on the size of your lawn, so knowing the size of your lot and grass can help you understand your lawn care maintenance provider’s pricing. A few basic calculations will help you understand the size of your lawn and any competent lawn care provider will also walk through the details of their services with you and provide further explanation, if necessary.

3. The specific needs of your lawn will also factor into pricing. Each situation can be unique in the types of work to be done, such as fertilizing, mowing, cleanup and aerating. Individual plants also require different types of care and nutrients, so it is a good idea to discuss these things with your lawn care provider to better understand your situation and the pricing of services needed.

When pricing out lawn care services, be frank and candid with landscaping companies and ask for more details if you don’t understand the services they’re recommending. And of course, we’re always more than happy to meet with you, review your situation and provide you with quality lawn care and landscaping services. Give us a call today!

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