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Hiring An Aurora Landscaping Company? Read This!

Finding a reputable Aurora landscaping company in Illinois does not have to be difficult. It is a good idea to have a general idea of your budget as well as a basic vision of what you want your landscape to look like. You may want to take notes, clip out images from magazines and bring photographs of other landscapes that you like to your first meeting.

At some point, you’ll also want to decide if you want a single Aurora landscaping company, such as Schmitt’s Landscape Company, to do all of the maintenance such as lawn care and hedge trimming, or just a design and install. Remember, landscaping is usually only done once therefore it is important to have some basic awareness under your belt.

Keep in mind that just because a landscaper prices his services on the high-end, does not directly translate into higher quality. Some companies provide after care services whereas other do not. They all will be different. One company may specialize in sod and lawn care and another in designing and building outdoor water systems, lighting, paving stones, pergolas and more. “Jack of all trades” landscapers are available, so just be aware of your limits and decide on how involved you want to be in the design and planting process.

When visiting with Aurora landscaping companies, take a close look at their past work. The company will likely have some of their best landscape designs and a portfolio of client photos on their website and in albums. Look around the office for awards and sample materials. If the office appears to be organized and staffed, it is likely to be a reputable landscaping company.

Do not hesitate to ask about the staff. Are they licensed? Experienced? Educated? Meet the architect or landscape design team and discuss their educational backgrounds and job experiences.

Even though credentials are important, they should coincide with pricing. Horticulturist, architects, and experienced landscaping design and construction crews can’t be compared with unskilled, untrained professionals. When pricing and taking bids, professional Aurora, IL landscapers will generally fall in the same price range.

Be very wary of a bid so low that it sounds too good to be true. It always is. A reputable landscaping company will always provide a legitimate bid and will agree to enter into a contract. Reputable landscaping companies will have a plethora of knowledge in their field so do not be afraid to ask questions. From environmental aesthetics, plant care, to permitting, a good landscaping company will be able to address all of these issues.

To finalize, when looking for an Aurora Illinois landscaping company be wary of outrageous claims and guarantees. Sometimes landscape plants will succumb to shock and die which should be spelled out in your contract as to how your landscaper will provide aftercare support. It is perfectly normal to approach your landscaper with a sense of expectation but the laws of nature will still prevail. In other words, reasonable expectations are warranted when looking for a landscape company and keep in mind that some plants may not take.

Preparing Your Lawn, Trees And Plants For Winter

Your home’s landscape is a big investment and adds value to your property, therefore protecting your investment is essential. During the winter months in Illinois, all of the leaves fall and foliage appears to halt in growth, however what is really happening is the roots are taking the season off in order to prepare themselves for Spring.

The good news it that there are many things you and your Wheaton landscaping team can do to give these wily roots a boost up during the Winter season. Do yourself a favor and make preparations as Fall approaches, that way the soil can still be worked and roots can be properly tended to.

Preparing Your Grass For Winter

Grass should be mowed and aerated and a good organic winterized fertilizer should be applied by a competent Wheaton Landscaping company. Water and water well. It will add insulation. Grass is very fragile during the winter so reducing foot traffic and keeping it from being compacted will surely help. This would be a good time to throw down some grass seed in the patchy areas from the foot traffic that the kids and dog created last summer.

When the last mow of the season commences, leave the lawn clippings and try to work these back into the ground for added protection to the soil and roots. What ever happens, do not let Santa park his sleigh on the front lawn. He will compact the snow which will reduce the amount of oxygen that is essential to the grass roots during this tough time.

Preparing Trees And Shrubs For Winter

For trees and shrubs, make sure to give them a very good watering. “Good” means the soil should be moist at least 2 inches deep. It is also recommended to lay down organic material such as leaves, mulch, and/or compost. This will keep the roots healthy, add extra insulation, and produce heat. To keep the varmints from digging up their lost nuts and goodies around the bases of trees and shrubs, some mesh or hardware cloth can be laid around the trunks.

Sometimes Winter wind can be an issue for homeowners in Chicago’s Southwest suburbs. In this case it would be wise to put up some sort of barrier such as landscape cloth. This cloth is very manageable and can be stapled or tied onto posts or large branches.

Preparing Plants And Perennials

Perennials and bulbs are the easiest to care for during Winter months because during this time, they will naturally die to the ground. The only big problem here are the critters that will dig them up for a Wintery treat. Again, mesh or some other barrier can be laid on top of the bulbs. Large branches would even do, however before the first frost appears, make sure to cut back all of the dead foliage. This will reduce the risk of disease and other undesirable insects.

A couple of inches of compost or other organic material placed on top of the perennial bed would be beneficial. You could also simply dig up the bulbs and store them in the basement if you like. This would prevent battling critters and can be replanted elsewhere for spring.

Making Sure Your Lawn And Landscape Are Ready For Winter

To summarize, everything should be watered generously, Winterized fertilizer and some sort of organic mulch should be applied, and a defense system against unwanted varmints should be in place. Roots are going to be hidden in the soil while preparing themselves to boast spring growth, and by Winterizing the landscape and taking these measures during the Fall, will ensure an excellent recovery and a beautiful yard in the Spring. If you need help, be sure to call a Wheaton landscaping firm, such as Schmitt’s Landscape Company!

Naperville Lawn Care And Naperville Landscaping — What’s The Difference?

There are several important differences between a Naperville landscaping company and a Naperville lawn maintenance service. First, let’s define the two words that make up their titles.

A landscape is defined as natural scenery. A lawn is defined as an even layered glade, or an open space where grass is mowed. We can stop here by saying a landscaper creates scenery and a lawn care professional tends to grass but it is not that simple. These two definitions are considerably different and may not seem to warrant any further discussion, however the differences are a lot more profound than just a definition plucked from the dictionary.

Naperville Lawn Care

Lawn maintenance and Illinois lawn care is just that. Depending on the lawn, typically a team of workers will go onto a property that is growing grass and maintain it. They do this by mowing, fertilizing, and patching bald spots. There are many types of grass that they consider when performing routine maintenance. For instance there is that fluffy golf course grass called turf, there is Kentucky bluegrass, St. Augustine grass, and the list goes on.

Each one of these varieties requires different types of care. For instance, there are varieties of turf that require little to no mowing, however aeration needs to be done to prevent it from compacting and dying on itself. Naperville lawn care and lawn maintenance companies, such as Schmitt’s Landscaping Company of Wheaton, Illinois, has all of the tools necessary to properly care for your grass. Their job is to make sure grass is aesthetically pleasing.

Naperville Landscaping

Landscapers, on the other hand, are more like scientific artists. A Naperville landscaping like Schmitt’s has a large team of employees or contractors that design and install scenery, plants, walkways, flag stones, pavers, driveways, pergolas and more. They have to have extensive knowledge about seasonal plants, shrubs & trees, soils, and much, much more. Often, landscapers are licensed and educated in the field and art of horticulture.

Landscapers are also versed in the local environment and wildlife of the Chicago suburbs, as it is an essential part of their jobs. Also, it is not unusual for landscaping companies to deal with other contractors such as construction workers, brick layers, and irrigation technicians. A landscaping firm may have a lawn or landscape care department, however typically once they have reached a final result, their job is done.

Landscapers specialize in plants, lawns, water systems such as ponds and irrigation, walkways and lighting, and anything else that creates a desired effect. In other words, they are not just restricted to flora and fauna, they deal with many elements. There are many different sub niches and areas of specialization for Naperville landscapers.

To conclude, there are quite a few differences between Naperville landscapers and a Naperville lawn care provider. Both professions are considered to be labor intensive, provide a service, and both professions are an essential part of your home’s outdoor living space. One maintains it, and the other turns it into an ecological work of art.

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