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Preventing Water Damage With Proper Water Drainage

Ensuring your Naperville lawn has adequate water drainage is a must for every homeowner. Improper water drainage and poor grading can not only destroy your plants, yard and your neighbors’ properties, but can lead to serious structural problems for your home and hardscapes – such as cracked housing foundations, basement water leaks, and flooded sump pumps.

Structural problems and flooding are a nightmare and can be very expensive! So it is vital your landscaping have proper water drainage built in to the design. If you’re noticing water pooling and flooding when it rains, call a Naperville landscaping company, such as Schmitt’s Landscaping Company, before it’s too late!

Over Watering Kills Plants

For a quick overview, the water that you use to water your home plants and grass, and the water provided by Mother Nature, needs a place to drain. Besides flooding and potential structural problems to your home, too much water can kill your lawn and plants. If your plants have too much water they can become moldy, attract diseases and eventually die.

If your lawn and grass are over-watered, the same mold and disease issues can appear, but too much water will also change the structure of your soil – causing much needed nutrients to disappear. The lost nutrients cause plants to stop growing. That is why it is important you have proper water drainage everywhere.

Removing Water Overflow With Pipes And Grading

The best water drainage is the installation of underground pipes. Underground pipes will collect water overflow and direct the water to a more suitable place, such as a public storm drain or street. Before underground pipes are installed, your yard or trouble areas are graded to allow rain water to naturally flow away from your home’s foundation.

Water overflow can then be directed to pipes, which are hidden under your landscaping and use gravity to redirect the water. In situations where water pools on hardscapes, such as driveways, patios and walkways, water overflow can often be redirected with the help of channels filled in with stone chips.

Saving Your Property

With proper water drainage, your plants and grass will live longer, look better and thank you! Too much water can promote mold growth and diseases. And beyond keeping your landscaping healthy, improper water drainage can cause serious damage to your property, your neighbors’ properties, and your home’s foundation.

Property damage is a huge problem and can come at a very heavy price. At the first sign of a leaky basement or flooding, call your local Naperville landscaping company or Naperville lawn care professionals for expert help.