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Looking for a new driveway? We can design a great paver driveway to fit your home.

From fixing your current driveway, to creating a whole new look, we at Schmitt’s Landscaping can give you the driveway of your dreams.  Aurora hardscape services include a full-complement of maintenance, Northern Naperville lawn care, landscape repair, planting and landscape and hardscape construction.

Improve landscaping water drainage and help the environment by installing a permeable paving system instead of using regular pavers.

The ecological, economical and elegant benefits of using Aqua-Bric permeable paving stones on your next hardscape and landscaping project include:

  • Improve water quality by reducing or eliminating storm water runoff
  • Reduce downstream flooding erosion in streambeds and riverbanks
  • Promote rainwater infiltration and natural groundwater recharge
  • Replace traditional retention and detention ponds
  • Reduce project costs
  • Promote efficient land use
  • Counter cracks with surface joint flexibility
  • Provide access to underground utilities
  • Unaffected by temperature extremes of heat and frost

Call Schmitt’s Landscape Company today at 630-469-0607 for more information about the benefits of the Permeable Paving System and using permeable paving stones in your landscaping and hardscape projects.

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