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Getting Rid of Grass Clumps!

As summer starts to turn up the heat, you may begin to see clumps of grass forming in your yard. This is a good indicator that something is not right. In this article, we’ll review how and why unsightly clumps of grass form in your yard and what can be done to eliminate the problem. Let’s take a quick look at common types of grass before diving into how to control clumping.

Tall Fescue Grass and Kentucky Blue Grass

Tall Fescue Grass is a common sight in Illinois and is one of the more popular types of grass. Beyond lawns, Fescue grows along roads and other places in the wild. Fescue is hearty, grows well in the Chicago suburbs, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and is very reliable.
Kentucky Blue Grass is also a common type of grass used in lawns, for business properties, in school yards, sports fields and more. During its peak season, Kentucky Blue Grass can sometimes turn a bluish hue; hence its name Kentucky Blue Grass. Unfortunately, during peak season, Kentucky Blue is somewhat temperamental and can be affected by diseases or drought.

Controlling Grass Clumps

Tall Fescue Grass is what is known as a “bunch” grass, which refers to how new blades of grass, called “Tillers” grow. A Tiller is a new blade of grass that grows from the base of the original plant. A single plant can produce dozens of Tillers, which gives the appearance of large clumps of grass.

It is sometimes hard to control the clumps, because there is a very large root system involved. Spot treatment using herbicide containing glyphosate can help eradicate grass clumps. Another option is to do some manual pulling to thin out the grass clumps. Again, keep in mind the root system can be large, so work to remove some of the deeply embedded roots and not just the top blades.

If you are only seeing a few clumps, that’s great because you only have a few areas to focus on! A few hours of manual pulling or application of an herbicide product and you’re in the clear. If you yard is full of clumps, it’s probably a good time to call in the professionals, such as Schmitt’s! We’ll help you identify the proper solution to your lawn problems and get what you need done right!

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