Proudly Serving the Chicagoland Community for Over 40 Years!

With over 30 years of drainage experience, we have accumulated the knowledge and expertise to solve and prevent all of your drainage issues

Improperly graded yards and poorly drained water can cause cracks to your home’s foundation, sinking patios, damaged walkways and driveways, kill your landscaping and plants, and put water in your basement. Sadly, lawn care water drainage problems go unfixed far longer than necessary. We have seen this time and time again in our geographical areas of focus in Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Northern Napeville and surrounding suburbs.

We provide water drainage and repair services to ensure water runs properly and legally, from your property. We can patch, replace or repair damaged brick work and sinking hardscapes in your landscaping. Whether it is a minor drainage issue, or improper grading leading to foundation damage, we’ll restore the good looks and value of your Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Northern Napeville and surrounding suburbs landscaping.

Schmitt’s landscaping drainage repair services will help you:

  • Plan a drainage system around your home that will take water away from your foundation and neighbors’ yards by installing drainage pipe correctly
  • Remove or transplant existing plantings around foundation to raise grade around foundation due to sinking
  • Solve water problems around your foundation due to a negative slope
  • Properly grade your yard and channel water away over the surface of your Wheaton/Glen Ellyn landscape
  • Get rid of unsightly surface sump pump hoses by installing drainage pipes
  • Correctly install drainage pipe to carry downspout water away from your foundation