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Schmitt’s Landscape Company Services

Our full-range of services cover all of the bases—from planning and construction to repair and routine maintenance.

Over the past thirty-years, Schmitt’s Landscape Company has grown to meet the needs of homeowners by segmenting our broad services into five specialized fields: Landscape Design, Hardscape Design, Drainage and Repair, Outdoor Lighting, and Maintenance. Schmitt’s Landscape Company is committed to providing the very best landscaping in the western suburban communities of: Batavia, Glen Ellyn, North Aurora, Northern Aurora, Northern Naperville, Warenville, West Chicago, Wheaton, Winfield and St. Charles.

Specific to each field of landscaping service, we’ve brought on board dedicated staff leaders with years of training, education and experience—enabling us to leverage our expert, competent and capable staff in the planning, building, repair and maintenance of your home’s landscaping and lawn care in: Batavia, Glen Ellyn, North Aurora, Northern Aurora, Northern Naperville, Warenville, West Chicago, Wheaton, Winfield and St. Charles.

Landscaping Renewal

Most of the routine Landscaping we handle involves updating and renewing current landscapes. Whether it’s a sunken paving stone patio, crumbling retaining walls, or your planting beds have become tangled jungles, Schmitt’s is here to help your landscaping. Some of the most commonly requested landscaping renewal services include:

  • Repairing uneven paving stone surfaces
  • Retaining wall repair
  • Redesigning, cleanup and replanting of planting beds
  • Drainage pipe installation and re-grading
  • Landscaping redesigns and extensions to existing features

Lawn Care And Landscape Maintenance

Each of our hassle-free lawn care and landscaping maintenance programs are custom designed to meet your individual needs and goals. Whether it’s weekly lawn cutting, routine tree-trimmings, weeding, turf fertilizing, or Spring and Fall cleanups—we’ve got your landscaping covered! Our full-menu of landscaping maintenance and lawn care options will keep your home looking beautiful and free up your time for more relaxing and enjoyable weekends. Some of our landscaping, lawn care, landscaping maintenance and hardscape services include:

  • Custom-tailored service plans
  • Flexible options for weekly, monthly or seasonal maintenance
  • Winter snow plowing and snow removal services

Hardscape Design & Construction

Professional hardscape design adds prominence, depth, beauty and attractiveness to your home. At Schmitt’s Landscape Company, we’ll work closely with you in planning and installation, whether your project is a small walkway, or a complex retention wall with multi-tiered planting beds. Schmitt’s Landscape Company hardscape services include planning, design and construction for:

  • Paving stone driveways, walkways, patios, terraces and pool decks
  • Stone paths, walls and stone scapes
  • Retaining walls and water permeable paver installation
  • Outdoor fireplaces, kitchens and barbecues, and dining areas
  • Pergolas and trellises

Northern Naperville Lawn Care Drainage Repair

Improper drainage of water runoff from your property can be unsightly at best and damaging at worst. Haphazardly graded landscaping Batavia can lead to water problems that cause damage to your yard, your home’s foundation, and potentially create legal headaches. Schmitt’s Landscape Company drainage repair services will help you:

  • Properly grade your yard and channel water away from your home
  • Repair water-damaged landscaping, walkways and hardscapes
  • Mitigate future water drainage hazards and potential risks

Northern Aurora Landscaping Design & Construction

Take what you need! Our Northern Aurora landscaping services cover everything from planning and design, to planting and rejuvenation. Depending on the level of landscaping design services needed, we can help you:

  • Understand your needs and plan and design your next project
  • Identify proper planting locations and special needs
  • Choose appropriate plants, trees, shrubs and flowers to achieve your goals
  • Select appropriate plants for your yard’s lighting, soil and water conditions
  • Provide expert planting and guidance of bloom times to reach maximum results
  • Review, revise and replant an existing landscape or landscaping Glen Ellyn

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