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Improve landscaping water drainage and help the environment by installing a permeable paving system instead of using regular pavers.

Improper water drainage is a big problem for homeowners and businesses in Northern Naperville, Northern Aurora, Wheaton and surrounding communities. At Schmitt’s Landscape Company, we’re dedicated to providing robust, comprehensive solutions for water drainage using the best tools and products available. Our years of experience with permeable paving stones and landscaping has made us uniquely-qualified in the design and construction of smart, paving stone solutions.

Schmitt’s Landscape Company recommends permeable paving stone solutions, such as the Aqua-Bric and Permeable Pavers from Borgert, because permeable paving stones promote effective water management – which decreases the potential for flooding and serious water damage to your property and landscaping. With quality products and experienced installation from Schmitt’s Landscape Company, we’ll help your next hardscape not only look good, but your permeable paving stones will function great too!

With the use of Aqua-Bric permeable paving stones from Advanced Pavement Technology of Oswego, Illinois, Schmitt’s Landscape Company can provide you with beautiful paving stone construction that promotes effective water drainage and management. Say goodbye to property damage, cracked foundations, crumbling hardscapes and landscaping, and say hello to Aqua-Bric permeable paving stones!

The ecological, economical and elegant benefits of using Aqua-Bric permeable paving stones on your next hardscape and landscaping project include:

  • Improve water quality by reducing or eliminating storm water runoff
  • Reduce downstream flooding erosion in streambeds and riverbanks
  • Promote rainwater infiltration and natural groundwater recharge
  • Replace traditional retention and detention ponds
  • Reduce project costs
  • Promote efficient land use
  • Counter cracks with surface joint flexibility
  • Provide access to underground utilities
  • Unaffected by temperature extremes of heat and frost

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