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Protecting Your Family From Insects

Bugs, bugs, bugs! Summer is here and with the season comes bugs! Not only can insects become really annoying – who likes getting large red welts from pesky mosquitoes while trying to enjoy an evening on the patio – but some bugs can cause serious health issues to you, your family and your pets.

Keep in mind that insects do play an important role in the ecosystem of your yard and landscaping. The following are a few tips for making your outdoor space more tolerable.

● Ticks and Fleas – These tiny blood suckers are quite common in the Chicago suburbs and spread diseases to you and pets. In particular, Lyme disease is spread by Deer Ticks and others. It’s a good idea to keep your lawn short and prevent areas of lots of overgrowth where fleas and ticks are sure to lurk.

● Mosquitoes – Yuck! There’s nothing that can ruin a night outside quicker than these suckers. To help eliminate areas where mosquitoes breed, make sure your lawn has proper water drainage and eliminate standing water. Make sure any water features you may have has moving water, or, for ponds and other outdoor features, be sure to add some fish, such as Koi, that will eat mosquito larvae or routinely add agents to the water that will prevent breeding. Bug zappers, garden torches, citronella candles and garlic can help keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor living space.

● Spiders and Ants – Although not dangerous, besides the Brown Recluse that lives in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, spiders and ants can be unsightly and problematic. For spiders, be sure to keep areas of overgrowth to a minimum and eliminate debris or other piles, such as wood piles, away from your home. Spiders love debris piles. Ants are quite common as well, especially near walkways, stone paths, brick patios and sandboxes. Routine cleaning and ant killer application goes a long way to keeping them at bay.

Be sure to call a professional pest care company if you have a severe infestation, especially when it comes to wasps and bees. Don’t try to tackle a problem that you can’t handle or put yourself in danger.

And remember, simple prevention steps and routine maintenance of your lawn and landscaping will go a long way to keeping bugs out, keeping you and your family safe, and making your outdoor living space a heck of a lot more enjoyable!

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