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If your landscaping is in need of an overhaul, our landscape renewal services are just what the doctor ordered.

Do you have an uneven paving stone surface in your Northern Naperville landscaping? Is your retaining wall uneven or falling down? Have your evergreens overgrown their planting beds? Are plants and trees covering your windows? Are you in desperate need of Northern Naperville lawn care?

Experience tells us that every Northern Aurora landscaping has a lifespan and requires periodic maintenance and updates to keep fresh. Poor Northern Naperville lawn care and the previously mentioned problems are just a few of the common issues Schmitt’s Landscape Company’s clients ask us to solve. Over the years, we’ve helped our Northern Naperville landscaping clients refresh failing hardscapes and refresh overgrown, unmanageable and neglected Northern Aurora landscaping.

When renewing an existing landscape, Schmitt’s Landscape Company takes into careful consideration your existing plants and favorite features to create a refreshed look with greater visual appeal, and without starting over. Our Northern Aurora landscaping renewal services include a full-complement of maintenance, Northern Naperville lawn care, landscape repair, planting and landscape and hardscape construction.

Some of the more common repair Schmitt’s Landscape Company is called on to fix involve failing hardscape’s gravel base. When the gravel base below the hardscape sinks, the walls and pavers on that base become uneven, ruining the look of your Northern Aurora landscaping. We will rebuild your hardscape by re-leveling and compacting the gravel base for greater density.

Is the color of your paver surface in your Naperville landscape fading? Try our line of Borgert pavers made with real granite stone chips, giving our paving stones 45% more hardness. While the granite chips aren’t visible, they add hardness that resists color loss. Schmitt’s Landscape Company has installed Borgert paving stones for the past three years in numerous Northern Naperville landscaping and Northern Aurora landscaping projects. And we like what we see!

Schmitt’s Landscape Company’s landscaping renewal services can be customized to meet your needs and often include:

  • Squaring and leveling uneven paving stone surfaces
  • Construction and repair services for failing retaining walls
  • Redesigning planting beds for stronger visual impact and improved maintenance
  • Redesigning your front and back landscapes to update your outdoor living space and improve home value
  • Installation of drainage pipes to eliminate chronic wet spots and foundation problems caused by improper water drainage

At Schmitt’s Landscape Company, we specialize in updating existing Northern Naperville landscaping. We’ll consult with you about your Northern Naperville lawn care needs, discuss your options, and restore your landscape’s good looks and functionality. Give us a call at 630-469-0607 for Northern Naperville lawn care, Schmitt’s Landscape Company’s landscaping renewal services, and be sure to ask us about Borgert pavers to replace your old paving stone surfaces.