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Seven Ways to Save Money on Your Landscaping

Maintaining the quality and beauty of your home’s landscaping doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! The following eight tips will help you save a little cash while also keeping your plants, lawn, trees and shrubs looking their best.

Things you can do to save money on maintaining your landscape:

1. Research as much as you can – Horticulturists at the College of DuPage, the Morton Arboretum, and of course the pros at Schmitt’s Landscape are great resources for advice, recommendations and guidance in plant selection, placement and maintenance.

2. Trust your intuition – Some unscrupulous garden supply stores may try to persuade you into making unnecessary investments in equipment and supplies. Again, knowledge from tip one, above, can go a long way.

3. Shop around – When hiring a landscaping company, price can often be a good indicator of quality. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” tends to be true. However, when it comes to purchasing supplies from the big box stores, be sure to shop around and compare prices.

4. Buy in bulk – Whenever possible, try to buy items such as seeds, mulch, fertilizer, and other landscaping supplies in bulk. This can help you save a lot of money and time.

5. New versus Used – You don’t always have to buy new! Garage sales are a great place to find used tools, shovels and other equipment priced significantly less than new and lawnmower repair shops are an option for buying used mowers, edgers and more.

6. Consider Plant Selection – Choosing the right variety of grass and plants for your landscape, soil and light conditions can help you to save money through less irrigation, fertilization and maintenance. We can certainly help you with determining the right mix of plants for your situation and desired look.

7. Save Seeds – Saving seeds from your flowers year after year, reduces your need to purchase new plants and seeds each season.

Your time and money spent on your landscaping can slowly add up over the years. These seven tips are a great starter on some of the little steps you can take to save money on the care and maintenance of your landscaping.

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